Abstract Paintings (1925 – 1985)

Maurice Golubov - Self Portrait 1934

“If you can imagine a point moving, it becomes a line. A line becomes a surface, and a surface becomes a cube. And if you move a cube, well this is infinite already. Because it suggests Freedom. It’s a lifetime experience, unimaginable… But you can make it mathematically, so I decided to. A third dimension constantly growing out of itself… A figure which includes all that. In other words, a spiral, in diamond shape. And I can go in any direction. I can make it all different ways, not to make it mathematical, but to make it free..”

— Maurice Golubov

1920 – 1929

1930 – 1939

1940 – 1949

1950 – 1959

1960 – 1969

1970 – 1979

1980 – 1985

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