Miniature Abstractions & Figures

Maurice Golubov - Self Portrait 1934

“Secretly on my job I managed to paint some figurative and mostly abstract miniatures. My head was buzzing with ideas and irresistible ways to paint”

— Maurice Golubov

Miniature Artworks On Paper

“This aspect of Golubov’s art can be seen most clearly in his remarkable miniatures where the painter yields no ground to the physical reality of his situation. It might almost seem that his intensity increases when working within a small format. These paintings expand internally, a few square inches of paper becomes a field of interwoven color and space. We might regard these paintings as studies were it not for the fact that few if any of them were used as such. They represent a large proportion of his oeuvre and are as highly finished as the larger canvases, just as complex and just as successful as works of art. That an artist who is by nature drawn to intricate and highly elaborated structures would choose to devote himself to small-scale compositions is an anomaly in contemporary art but finds a parallel in the microcosmic abstractions developed by manuscript illuminations who conceived of their work in both plastic and in spiritual terms.” – Susan C. Larsen

Miniature Book: Mysteries

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