Miniature Abstractions & Figures

Maurice Golubov - Self Portrait 1934

“Secretly on my job I managed to paint some figurative and mostly abstract miniatures. My head was buzzing with ideas and irresistible ways to paint”

— Maurice Golubov

Miniature Book: Mysteries

Miniature Works On Paper

For the first time ever – this ‘Untitled 1938’ miniature painting is The Maurice Golubov Estate Has Released Newly Discovered Miniature Artworks On Paper. It’s time the world gets to appreciate the depth and quality of the artist, who found the passion to create such expressive paintings barely larger than the change in his pocket. The quality of his brush strokes and abstract precision, is a treasure for the collector who will call these paintings their own. You Can Now Buy A Miniature Directly From The Maurice Golubov Estate.

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